Jordan Davis Case: Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life Without Parole

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  • Jordan’s Friend Says Dunn Was Upset About Loud Music
  • Officers Say Jordan Died Almost Immediately
  • Witness Said He Saw Dunn Pull Out His Weapon
  • Opening Statements: Dunn Fired Gun in Self-Defense, Attorney Says
  • Opening Statements: Prosecutor Says Jordan Did Not Threaten Dunn
  • Jury Selected for Michael Dunn Trial
  • What’s Happening in the Jordan Davis Case?
  • Verdict Watch
  • Dunn's Neighbor Says He Decided to Call 911 Before Dunn
  • Prosecutors Rest Case
  • Homeless Man Testifies in Dunn Trial
  • Opening Statements Begin in Retrial of Michael Dunn
  • Michael Dunn Convicted on Three Charges
  • Verdict Watch: Jury Deliberations Resume
  • Closing Arguments Begin Today
  • Michael Dunn Takes Witness Stand
  • 021214 national michael dunn trial fiance testifies
  • Prosecutors Rest Their Case
  • Jordan’s Father Testifies
  • Prosecutor Calls Dunn’s Actions Premeditated
  • Jordan's Clothes Displayed
  • 9 Bullets Hit SUV

Witness Said He Saw Dunn Pull Out His Weapon

On Thursday, Feb. 6, witness Shawn Lee Atkins said he wrote down the license plate number of Dunn's car before he drove off. Another witness, Steve Smith, said he saw a man pull out a weapon and fire shots at an SUV before driving off. He did not see anyone with a weapon inside the SUV. The jury also heard testimony from Mariah Grimes, a store clerk.

(Photo: AP Photo/Bob Mack, Pool)

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