By the Numbers: Black Women Killed at Alarming Rate by Partners

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  • Weapon of Mass Destruction
  • Fighting Words
  • Marissa Alexander
  • Killed By Her Father
  • Are Guns the Solution or Problem?
  • Gun Violence
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  • An Overshadowed Crisis
  • When Men Murder Women
  • Startling Statistics
  • Disproportionate Rates
  • Known Killers
  • Known Killers
  • Die By the Gun

Marissa Alexander

Consider these alarming findings in the case of Marissa Alexander, a 33-year-old Florida woman accused of firing what she called "a warning shot" in her abusive estranged husband's direction following an argument in her home. Alexander has argued that she acted to save her life, pointing to the state's Stand Your Ground Laws. She could face up to 60 years in prison.

(Photo: Courtesy of Florida State Attorney's Office)

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