The Black Portlanders Project: Illuminating a Vibrant Community

of 2016Photo
  • Monee
  • Bruce
  • Aleesha
  • Arika
  • Tazia
  • Luke
  • Rie
  • Drew and Anthony
  • Cookie
  • Johnny Disciple
  • Alison
  • Ifanyi and Isira
  • Jordan
  • Marie
  • Henry
  • Dawa
  • Family
  • Billy
  • Chanticleer Tru
  • Patricia and Robin


On the project's mission: "I’m seeking to show a presence that is not always a part of the wider nationally known story of Portland and Oregon. Celebrating and exploring the uniqueness of who we are, without denigrating others, informs and strengthens the plurality of who we all are, or yet, might be. Celebration and affirmation is my intent," Abioto said.

(Photo: Intisar Abioto for BET)

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