The Black Portlanders Project: Illuminating a Vibrant Community

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  • Johnny Disciple
  • Alison
  • Ifanyi and Isira
  • Jordan
  • Marie
  • Henry
  • Dawa
  • Family
  • Billy
  • Chanticleer Tru
  • Patricia and Robin
  • Monee
  • Bruce
  • Aleesha
  • Arika
  • Tazia
  • Luke
  • Rie
  • Drew and Anthony
  • Cookie

Ifanyi and Isira

"This was the beginning of 'The Black Portlanders'," said Abioto. "It reminded me of my true self and my true work. This was the spirit of fun and adventure, the vibrancy, fabulousness, and boldness of life I'd been missing."

(Photo: Intisar Abioto for BET)

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