Unanswered Questions About the Deadly Washington Mudslide

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  • A Catasthropic Landslide
  • What Creates a Deadly Mudslide?
  • What Happened in Washington?
  • How much Rainfall Does it Take?
  • Is Heavy Rainfall the Only Answer?
  • How Bad Was the Washington Mudslide?
  • How Often Do Landslides Occur?
  • Was Oso at Risk?
  • Were There Warning Signs?
  • The Aftermath
  • What You Can Do to Help

A Catastrophic Landslide

One of the deadliest landslides in recent U.S. history struck the small town of Oso, Washington, earlier this month. The death toll increased to 28 on Tuesday as the Snohomish County medical examiner's confirmed that 22 of the victims have been positively identified. As the search for the missing and clean-up continues, BET.com takes a closer look at the mudslide to find out how it occured and why. — Dominique Zonyeé (@DominiqueZonyee)

(Photo: AP Photo/ The Seattle Times, Marcus Yam)

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