Our Money Management Guide for Recent Grads

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  • Finacial Capabilities Month 2014
  • African-Americans and Debt
  • Recent Graduates and Student Loan Debt
  • Know Before You Owe
  •  Are You Swimming or Drowning in Debt?
  • First Things First: Educate Yourself
  • Where Does My Money Go?
  • No More Spending Beyond Your Means
  • Credit Card Craze
  • Now That I Have My Money List What’s Next?
  • Customizing Your Personal Finance Management Plan
  • My Salary Barely Covers My Bills and Expenses
  • Pay Yourself First
  • I Have a Savings Account, But Is That Enough?
  • What Is a 401(k)?
  • What Is an IRA?
  • Look Beyond the College Investment
  •  Ok, I am Convinced, Where Do I Learn More?
  • Other Resources
  • The Bottom Line

Congratulations, Graduates!

It’s that time of year again: graduation season.  Students are celebrating their achievements and beginning to hit the pavement to finally transition from broke student to working adult. But for many young adults and recent college graduates, getting on the right financial path can be hard especially those who are inundated in debt. Keep reading for tips on how to manage your money and prepare for your financial future.Dominique Zonyeé (@DominiqueZonyee)

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