12 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

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  • Quick Fixes Are Trouble
  • Pay Down Lowest Credit Card Balances First
  • What to Know Before Closing Accounts
  • Reach Out to A Credit Counselor
  • Be Patient and Consistent
  • Never Too Late to Improve Your Score
  • Check Your Credit Report
  • Review Your Score
  • Correct Errors
  • Create A Payment Plan
  • Plan to Keep Debt Down
  • Set Up Payment Reminders
  • Don’t Apply for Credit Needlessly

Be Patient and Consistent

Your credit history does take time to rebuild. Keep in mind that credit inquiries remain on your report for two years. Delinquencies (repetitive late payments) remain for seven years and bankruptcies remain for ten years. But once you acquire these good habits, your score will gradually improve.

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