How to Keep Kids Safe From Violence This Summer

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  • How to Keep Kids Away From Violence Summer
  • Targeting At-Risk Youth This Summer
  • Who Is Most at Risk?
  • Stay Connected
  • Partner With Non-Working Parents, or Parents You Trust
  • Watch Your Company
  • Periods of Quiet Reflection
  • Get Kids Involved in Community
  • Don’t Allow Kids to Sleep Over at Anyone’s House
  • Create a Safe Space for Youth to Come
  • Back to Basics

Staying Safe

School is out and students now have more free time. Unfortunately, as the temperature rises, so does crime. There are “2.6 percent more murders and assaults” in the U.S. during the summer than other seasons, according to a 2001 report by Iowa State University. spoke to Charisse Beach, an author, education expert and administrator, who shared tips on how to keep kids, especially those at risk, safe this summer. — Natelege Whaley (@Natelege_)

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