Bring That Week Back: Dec. 8

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  • 120711 national mumia abu jamal drops death penalty
  • 120811 sports bernie fine charges dropped
  • 120811 national thomas e haynesworth set free
  • 120711 politics blagojevich sentenced
  • 120611 national post office cutbacks
  • 120511 national naacp charges coordinated assault
  • 123011 national Interracial Couples NEWS
  • 100611 national labor department unemployment
  • 12211 national vanessa long divorce
  • 120811 national virginia tech shooting removed

Virginia Man Exonerated of Rape Charges After 27 Years

A Virginia appeals court officially declared Thomas E. Haynesworth, 46, innocent of wrongdoing and cleared his name of multiple rape charges on Dec. 6. Haynesworth wrongfully spent 27 years in prison after he was misidentified by multiple rape victims in 1984.

(Photo: Courtesy Washington Examiner)

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