Bring That Week Back: July 17

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  • George Zimmerman
  • James Ammons, Florida A&M University
  • Ulugbek Kodirov, Barack Obama
  • identity theft, the Obama Administration
  • Michelle Obama
  • Wellls Fargo, Department of Justice
  • Scranton, Pennsylvania, bankruptcy
  • Trayvon Martin
  • bath salts, Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo

George Zimmerman Accused of Molesting His Cousin

A woman only identified as "Witness 9" told prosecutors on Monday that George Zimmerman had molested her when they were children, from age six until 16. She also confirmed lingering suspicions that Trayvon Martin's death was racially motivated, telling prosecutors, "I don’t know at all who this kid was, or anything else. But I know George. And I know that he does not like Black people, and he would start something.” On Friday, Zimmerman requested a new judge because he believed he would be unable to get a fair trial from the current judge.  – Britt Middleton

(Photo: AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green, Pool, File)

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