Bring That Week Back: Michelle Obama Uses Hip Hop to Target Obesity

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  • Michelle Obama Uses Hip Hop to Target Obesity
  • President Obama Turns 52
  • Davita Vance-Cooks Becomes First Female and First African-American Public Printer
  • Donald Trump Compares Rep. Charlie Rangel to Paula Deen
  • John Errol Ferguson Executed in Florida
  • NYPD Officer Kills Armed 14-Year-Old Boy in New York
  • Smithsonian Museum Seeks Trayvon's Hoodie for Permanent Display
  • College President Apologies for Calling Students "Dark Ones"
  • Chicago Public Schools to Lay Off 200 Emplyees
  • An 18-Year-Old Becomes U.K.'s Youngest Lawyer
  • Florida House Speaker Agrees to Hearings on Stand Your Ground
  • Civil Rights Attorney Dies
  • Woman Pleads Guilty for Killing Her Friend After a Facebook Feud

President Obama Turns 52

President Obama spent his 52nd birthday with friends and family at Camp David on Sunday, Aug. 4. On Saturday, the president began celebrating his weekend with a golf game with friends from Hawaii and Chicago and White House aides. (Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst ) 

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