Bring That Week Back: Man Helps Blind Colleague in Navy Yard Shooting

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  • Man Brings Blind Colleague to Safety During Navy Yard Shooting
  • Slain 6-Year-Old’s Funeral Paid for by California Rappers
  • Bill Cosby Has Message for “No-groes” on Don Lemon’s CNN Show
  • Woman Removed From Plane for Throwing Cell Phone
  • 24-Year-Old Unarmed Man Shot Dead by Police Officer
  • Mom Fights Off Intruder Who Tried to Kidnap Her Kids
  • NYC Police Fire Shots at Man, Hit Two Women Instead
  • University of Alabama Moves to End Sorority Segregation
  • More Black American Children Being Adopted Overseas
  • Unemployment Gap Between Rich and Poor Americans at Its Widest

Man Brings Blind Colleague to Safety During Navy Yard Shooting

California rappers pay for slain 6-year-old’s funeral, Philadelphia woman removed from flight for throwing cell phone at flight attendant, plus more news.Natelege Whaley

An image of a blind man being led to safety by his colleague Omar Grant as bullets flew during the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard shooting Monday has gone viral on Twitter. “I told my colleague… I was going to help him because normally he’s got somebody with him there, and this morning he was all by himself," Grant said.

(Photo: Chris Moody via Twitter)

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