Wisconsin to Pay Exonerated Man at Least $25,000

Wisconsin to Pay Exonerated Man at Least $25,000

Published December 29, 2010

MILWAUKEE – The state of Wisconsin will pay at least $25,000 to a Milwaukee man who spent 23 years in prison for a homicide he didn't commit.

The Wisconsin Claims Board approved a $25,000 payment this week and agreed to ask the state Legislature to approve another $90,000 in compensation. Wisconsin law requires lawmakers to sign off on payments of more than $25,000.

Robert Lee Stinson says the money will be his first income since he was released from prison nearly two years ago. The 46-year-old says he's applied for every janitorial and kitchen job he could find, he hasn't been offered one interview

Stinson was convicted in 1985 in the death of a 63-year-old Milwaukee woman. A judge released him from prison in 2009 after new DNA evidence helped clear him.

Written by Associated Press


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