Read and Watch: School Tells 5-Year-Old His Haircut Is Too Much

Posted: 02/11/2008 04:14 PM EST

Posted Nov. 7, 2007 – An elementary school in Dallas says a 5-year-old's hair flair is way too much.

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Keyshawn Greene, pictured above, told CBS 11 in Dallas that he likes having designs cut into his hair, but the principal at his school says those designs are too much of distraction to other students and that he could no longer wear designs in his hair.

But Keyshawn's family says he should be able to wear his hair as he pleases.


"Some of those little boys wear their hair spiked and sticking up like those punk rockers," Keyshawn's grandmother, Camelia Wafer, said of the predominantly Hispanic school her grandson attends.

The family says Keyshawn has been sporting designs in his hair since school began, and this is the first time anything has been said about it.

Do you believe there's a double standard?  Should Keyshawn have to get rid of his designs?  Watch the video, and tell us what you think.