Read and Watch: Grandpa Picks Up Wrong Kid from School

Posted: 02/11/2008 04:14 PM EST

Posted Nov. 13, 2007 – That's not my kid, pops! That's what a grandpa was told after picking up the wrong kid from school Tuesday.

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The 77-year-old Jacksonville, Fla., man, who rode his bike to his grandson's school, ended up grabbing 4-year-old Zacari Brady instead of his grandson.

The unusual mix-up had Zacari's mother, Latoia Gillis, fuming.

"They don't have the same name. They don't even look alike," she told News 4 in Jacksonville. But to the grandfather, they apparently did.

Zacari said that when they got to the man's house, it was the man's wife who realized the mistake.

"She said, 'You got the wrong kid,'" Zacari said.

Watch the video to see what was going on back at the school, what else Zacari’s mother had to say about the incident and what disciplinary action the teachers face.