News | Michael Vick | Vick Poll Results: See How You Voted!

Posted: 02/11/2008 04:10 PM EST

Posted July 26, 2007 – threw up a poll in reaction to the overwhelming response to an article we posted last week on the federal dog-fighting rap Michael Vick is facing, and your voting fingers went to work.

We asked you, "Should he be permitted on the field when the season begins?" 

And here's how you voted:

About 73 percent of you said, "Yes. He's a top althete and good for the game. Besides, he's only been accused at this point."

About 29 percent of you said, "No. He's charged with a felony, and the fact that his name is tied to illicit behavior is enough reason for the league to penalize him."

Now that you've voted, we want to know if you think Vick should be suspended if he’s found guilty of federal dog-fighting? If so, how long should he be suspended, and should he be made to give back signing bonus money?  Click "Discuss Now," below the ad, to post your comment.

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