Black Canadian Charmaine Archer Says She was Racially Profiled

Black Canadian Charmaine Archer Says She was Racially Profiled

Published December 21, 2009

A 42-year-old Black woman who was returning from her grandmother’s funeral in Jamaica said she was racially profiled by Canadian customs officials who strip-searched her in a futile hunt for illegal drugs.

Charmaine Archer said the officials told her that she was targeted because of a perfect storm of occurrences that seemed far too suspicious to be coincidental. They cited the fact that she had booked tickets for her and her 4-year-old son at the last minute, stayed in her native Jamaica for only four days and that she paid for half of the tickets using a credit card.

Her son was kept in another room during her naked body search, she told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Customs officials told her that traces of drugs had been found on her toothbrush, she said.

"I was humiliated. I felt powerless. I felt violated, and just think it was a total overuse of power because there was absolutely no reason for them to behave that way with me," she told the CBC.


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