‘Not My Daughter,’ Mom Says as She Slays Vicious Pit Bull

‘Not My Daughter,’ Mom Says as She Slays Vicious Pit Bull

Published December 23, 2009

A Georgia mother who Hulked out after seeing her 12-year-old daughter being attacked by a pit bull Saturday, killed by beast by hitting it with a brick and stabbing it with a knife.

The girl, A’lexus Zachary, of DeKalb County, Ga., was released from the hospital Tuesday morning.

Police say that the girl was standing at the front door of her friend’s house when a dog busted through the door and pounced on her.

Tameka Zachary, the girl’s mother scrambled to get the dog off her daughter, but the animal was too strong. She then picked up a brick and began beating the dog. Zachary's friend handed a knife to Tameka, and she used that to stab the dog repeatedly.

A'lexus Zachary was taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, where she had underwent surgery, according the Journal-Constitution.

"She's doing fine," Tameka Zachary said Tuesday evening.

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