NAACP Honors Black, Asian South Philly Students

NAACP Honors Black, Asian South Philly Students

Published December 24, 2009

Hoping to tamp down the animus between Blacks and Asians at South Philadelphia High School, 50 students from each racial group joined the Philadelphia NAACP Tuesday, promising to help foster greater harmony.

The NAACP, which is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization, honored the students for focusing on peace this holiday season, despite the controversy that ignited when several Asian students were beaten on their way to and from school recently.

Immediately following the incident, 50 Asian students boycotted the school for a week, blaming school officials of looking the other way as they were abused and assaulted by Black students.

Their walkout compelled school officials, as well as authorities from law enforcement and the city’s Human Rights Commission, to take notice.

Security was beefed up, and measures were taken by a broad coalition to unite Blacks and Asians.

Many African-American students and others had joined the Asian student in decrying the assaults and demanding that the harassment be halted.

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