Angry Indy Lawmaker Wants Refund for Colts Fans

Angry Indy Lawmaker Wants Refund for Colts Fans

Published December 30, 2009

Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell is getting kicked to the curb by an unlikely source for his decision to pull his starters in the third quarter against the New York Jets rather than focus on capturing his team’s first undefeated season in history.

Beurt SerVaas, a member of the Indianapolis City Council, didn’t attend Sunday’s game, but he is pushing for ticket refunds for those who did go. That’s because, according to SerVaas, fans paid good money to see history but got something much less.

The Colts lost to the Jets 29-15.

So far, no one on the 29-member body has said they'd sponsor such a resolution by
Beurt SerVaas, a Republican who has served on the council for 41 years.

He did get some support, however, some several fans who were angry when star quarterback Peyton Manning and other starters were benched in the third quarter.

Written by Associated Press


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