A List of Countries Considering BlackBerry Bans

A List of Countries Considering BlackBerry Bans

Published August 6, 2010

A list of countries considering BlackBerry bans over security concerns with data routed abroad:

— Saudi Arabia — The kingdom's telecom regulator has ordered a halt to BlackBerry service across the kingdom, expected to begin at midnight Friday (5 p.m. EDT Friday).

— United Arab Emirates — The Persian Gulf state plans to shut down e-mail, messaging and Web browsing on BlackBerrys starting in October. It says it's still in talks with Research In Motion Ltd., the Canadian maker of the device.

— Indonesia — The Southeast Asian country wants RIM to place a server in its country because it fears that e-mails could be intercepted as they pass through RIM's servers overseas. It is considering banning the service, but has no firm plans.

— India — The country of almost 1.2 billion people is in talks with RIM, also seeking more control over the data.

— Lebanon — The country says it is reviewing whether BlackBerry service raises any security concerns for it.

Written by The Associated Press


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