Why Does it Matter if Obama is Muslim?

Published August 24, 2010

Apparently there are a lot of people who still believe that President Obama is a Muslim.

This little tidbit of foolishness comes courtesy of a poll released by the Pew Research Center, which suggested that 12 per cent, or one in five Americans surveyed, believe that Obama is an undercover brother – of Islam.  While the poll suggests that the Muslim believing respondents are conservative Republicans (no surprises there), there are some Democrats as well as Independents, who also subscribe to this asinine belief.

I wonder if these folks, who believe that Obama is a Muslim, also are the same folks, who believe that Obama is a Kenyan-born, Nazi Socialist?  If so, how does that work? That must be one hell of an internal struggle happening inside of his head.

Read More at The Atlanta Post.

Written by Charing Ball, The Atlanta Post


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