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The Power of the Gay Following

Is the love some artists give the LGBT community genuine?

Ten Reasons Real Husbands of Hollywood Should be a Real Show

Could this spoof be the next big TV comedy?

The Importance of Being Tracy

Uproar over his anti-gay rant shows a bigger issue at hand.

Reality Television Is a Dying Fad

The popular genre has lost its luster.

Scripted Black Television Is on the Rise

African-Americans returning to the small screen.

Tyler the Creator Says Gay Fans Don't Mind Homophobic Lyrics

The rapper says his gay fans are okay with his use of slur

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Mike Tyson’s True Legacy: Pugilist Great or Human Piranha?

Weighing the former champion's boxing career .

Will The World Always Prefer Mr. Smith to Mrs?

Why Jada Is Content Being in Will’s Popularity Shadow

We’re All Falling for Karrine Steffans’ Confession

The former video vixen's spotlight continues to spotlight.

Oprah’s Class Is Dismissed

How she and we graduated into better versions of ourselves.

PTC Needs to Get Over Rih's Billboard Awards Performance

PTC needs to stop whining about Rihanna and Britney Spears.

Don Lemon Comes Out, Inspires Others

The CNN anchor will appear on "The Mo'Nique Show" tonight.

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