Ten Real Reasons Donald Trump Is Not Running for Prez

The reason behind his reasoning.

Posted: 05/17/2011 11:16 AM EDT
10 Real Reasons Donald Trump is Not Running For Prez  The reason behind his reasoning.

Donald Trump was a top contender among the Republican presidential candidates. And he captured the imagination of the Tea Party because he constantly kept the Birther issue at the forefront of his political discussions. But now President Obama has once again shown he’s a citizen by not only producing a birth record but the dead body of Osama bin Laden. So, as expected, the Donald has publicly dropped his presidential run. Here are the unspoken reasons he’s out of the race.



10. Because he won’t be able to turn the White House into a hotel & casino to raise its property value.



9. Because the six-figure presidential salary is chump change.



8. Because if he seriously ran—and became a contender—the media scrutiny would reveal he is, like we said, as crazy as Gary Busey, as dumb as Sarah Palin and.…



7. Because he wouldn’t be able to take all the bad Trump impersonations on Saturday Night Live.



6. Because NeNe refused his suggestion that she be his running mate. (And her quitting Celebrity Apprentice gave him a great idea.…)



5. Because he didn’t liked being clowned by President Obama at the White House Correspondents' dinner.



4. Because now that a birth certificate has been produced he can’t think of anything else to talk about on the campaign trail.



3. Because no matter what issue he does try to discuss, nothing will top President Obama killing Osama bin Laden



2. Because he’ll have to stop tanning, and Trump loves being the color orange.



1. Because, point blank, he can’t win!







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