Sarah Palin Says She Know Lyrics to "Rapper's Delight"

The moose-shooting Palin cites the Sugarhill Gang as her understanding of hip hop. 

Posted: 05/13/2011 01:24 AM EDT
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Sarah Palin Says She Know Lyrics to "Rapper's Delight

In a painfully predictable move, Sarah Palin has added her two cents to the “Common is a vile rapper” melodrama started by Fox after he was invited to perform at the White House.  She appeared on Martha MacCallum’s On the Record and said, “This rapper—we thought that we were to be united under the leader of the free world, Barack Obama, in tamping down racism and inciting violence and cop-killing, certainly, and killing a former president. All those things that this rapper has glorified and really is known for, it just certainly reflects a lack of judgment on the White House's part."

It gets worse.

“I'm saying this, not a proponent of stifling any kind of free speech. I am obviously a proponent of free speech. I'm not anti-rap. In fact, like Bret Baier, I know the lyrics to 'Rapper's Delight,' too,” she said. “But I am saying just common decency in the White House—wouldn't we like to see a reflection of all that is wonderful and great, a shining city on a hill that the White House is supposed to be, with events inside of that house that reflect the patriotism and the decency and the influence of America?”

That sounded sort of like when racist people say stuff like, “I’m not racist; I have Black friends.”

There’s no point in ranting about this, but here are some questions and key points to consider:


Since when was Common ever known for glorifying violence?



Does Sarah Palin not own a gun and use it often (sport or no sport, hunting is still a violent practice)?


Did she really cite “Rapper’s Delight" (That was rhetorical because we know that this is one of many more silly things to come out of this woman’s mouth)?


Lastly, America was founded on violence and indecency.


The jokes and facts just write themselves, but you get the point: Can the choir give a blank stare, please?


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