White House Launches Website for African-Americans

Site touts ways the administration is helping Blacks “win the future.”

Posted: 04/12/2011 02:24 PM EDT
Filed Under Barack Obama

President Obama isn’t taking anything for granted in his bid for re-election, including African-Americans, who comprise his most loyal base. The White House Office of Public Engagement has launched a new Web page called “Winning the Future: President Obama and the African-American Community.”

According to Michael Blake, director of African-American outreach at the White House, the site will provide information about how the administration’s policies are benefiting African-Americans and their communities. The White House has established a similar site for the Latino community.

In addition to blog posts written by administration officials highlighting their outreach efforts, the page includes fact sheets on components in the president’s 2012 budget proposal that will help them “win the future,” such as improvements to elementary and secondary education and job training programs; increased access to higher education; tax cuts; and efforts to revitalize distressed neighborhoods and promote affordable homeownership. There also is a fact sheet on investments the White House plans to make in cities and metropolitan areas.

Last week, Obama and several members of his cabinet traveled to New York to address the National Action Network’s 20th anniversary convention.