Ginni Thomas: Activist Journalist

Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is expanding her Tea Party network.

Posted: 04/15/2011 04:27 PM EDT
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Ginni Thomas

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, Tea Party activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has joined the Fourth Estate as a part-time reporter for the Daily Caller, a conservative news and commentary website. Thomas has in the past couple of years established a Tea Party consulting firm and a Tea Party nonprofit that Politico reports has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Part of her task will involve identifying key people from around the country who could potentially become leaders in the movement. It’s a bit of risky move to take on such a public role as the spouse of a Supreme Court justice. But Ginni’s not afraid of a little controversy and both husband and wife have had their fair share.

People too young to remember the sexual harassment charges made by attorney/professor Anita Hill during Judge Thomas’ confirmation hearings 20 years ago heard all about it last fall when his wife left a phone message for Hill asking her to apologize to her husband.

With her connections, it will be interesting to see what she writes.


(Photo: Vivian Ronay/Getty)