Trump-West in 2012? West-Bachmann in 2012?

Fox talk show host Glenn Beck prefers option No. 2.

Posted: 04/15/2011 09:23 AM EDT
Trump and Allen West

If Donald Trump does decide to run for president, Rep. Allen West, one of two African-American Republicans elected to Congress in 2010, thinks that being number two on Trump’s ticket is an idea worth considering.

“Who knows what’s going to happen,” West said in an interview with the Daily Caller. “If the people think that I have an ability to continue my service of my country in a different capacity, first of all we gotta talk to God, we gotta talk to my family, we gotta talk to the constituents.” He also said that he’s not yet endorsed any candidate. Both Trump and West are appearing at a Tea Party rally in Florida this weekend.

This isn’t the only time West’s name has been connected to the 2012 presidential election. On his radio program earlier this week, controversial talk show host Glenn Beck announced that he’d like to draft West to run for president and that he and Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is considering a presidential bid, would make a “dream team.”

“He’s not afraid to pull the trigger. He’s not afraid, and he takes responsibility. That’s what I love about him the most. The guy takes responsibility,” Beck said. “He’s like ‘OK, yeah, I did it. I did it. Here’s my gun. Cuff me. Take me away, ’cause I’ll do it again.’”

West’s chief of staff, Jonathan Blyth, told the Sun Sentinel that West’s focus is on being “a good member of Congress.” But when asked the lawmaker what he thinks of the idea, he smiled and said, “My constituents have to decide that.”


(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty)