Sarah Palin Unveils a New and Improved Website

It could be a first step for the former governor to re-entering elective office.

Posted: 04/18/2011 06:25 PM EDT
Filed Under Donald Trump

Could Sarah Palin be considering a presidential bid or has she simply tired of standing on the sidelines while Tea Party darling Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) and Donald “I have a great relationship with the Blacks” Trump have all of the fun?

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential running mate rolled out a highly improved Website for her political action committee on Monday, fueling speculation about whether she enter the race or not. Visitors can use the site to book Palin for an event or to donate money, and serious Palin watchers can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

The good news for Democrats is that poseurs like Palin, Bachmann and Trump could make President Obama’s re-election bid easier. And as these three whip the Tea Party and other conservative fringe groups into a meringue of birther fury, they’re marginalizing more establishment GOP figures like former Republican governors Mitt Romney (Massachusetts) and Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota).

Palin’s new site also includes a special section called “Setting the Record Straight” because, “Goodness, cleaning up the sloppiness of reporters could be a full time job,” she writes. Could it more often end up being the place where she can go to mop up after her own self because of the volatile and sometimes nonsensical statements she’s in the habit of making? You betcha.

And it’s going to come in real handy real soon, when a tell-all book written by former Palin aide Frank Bailey hits bookstores on May 24. With a title like Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, it sounds like a juicy read.