Carl Lewis Wins N.J.'s Democratic State Senate Primary

The retired Olympian isn’t done jumping through legal hoops.

Posted: 06/08/2011 01:19 PM EDT
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Carl Lewis

Nine-time Olympic gold winner Carl Lewis is now officially a Democratic state Senate candidate—for now. He won an uncontested race in the New Jersey’s Eight District and could face his Republican opponent, Rep. Dawn Marie Addiego, who also was uncontested in Tuesday’s primary, in November.


It’s all up to a federal judge to decide whether Lewis can keep running or will be stopped in his tracks. State Republicans have challenged the former track star’s eligibility to run for elective office, charging that he does not meet the state’s four-year residency requirement. A federal judge allowed his name to appear on the primary ballot although a final ruling on whether the residency requirement is constitutional must still be made.


Lewis was born in New Jersey and owns a home there, but he has lived and worked in California for the past several years and it also is where he last voted. He didn’t register to vote in New Jersey until just before he announced his bid for office.

(Photo: Manny Hernandez/PictureGroup)