Stopgap Spending Bill on Agenda at GOP Jobs Forum

House Speaker Boehner discusses challenges of keeping government running while cutting spending.

Posted: 03/16/2011 06:32 PM EDT

Wednesday morning, Republican lawmakers and a group of business owners participated in a jobs forum in the Capitol, during which the panel essentially echoed the members’ views on successful job creation: lower taxes, fewer regulations.

The only real news to come out of the forum was an acknowledgement by Speaker John Boehner that “it is not going to be easy” to craft a continuing resolution to fund the government through Sept. 30 that can win bipartisan support and that he’s going to have to work with Democrats. His biggest challenge will be keeping the tea party faction in check while he compromises with Democrats over issues such as education. The House passed a three-week spending bill on Tuesday and the Senate is scheduled to follow suit by the end of this week.

“Let me remind you that Republicans control half of one-third of our government,” Boehner said. “It's never lost on me that because we only control the House there a lot of other players we need to work with in order to come to any agreement to keep the government open. I am confident we'll be able to keep the government running while cutting spending, which we believe will lead to a better environment for helping businesses hire in America.”


(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)