Your Roadmap to the 2013 Inauguration Ceremony

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  • President Obama, Michelle Obama at the 2009 inauguration ceremony
  • President Obama delivers address at 2009 inauguration ceremony
  • 2009 inauguration luncheon
  • 2013 inaugural parade and ball tickets
  • President Obama and Michelle Obama attend inaugural parade and ball in 2009
  • President Obama's second inauguration ceremony is Jan. 21, 2012
  • Getting Tickets for the 2013 inauguration ceremony
  • Getting tickets for 2013 inauguration ceremony
  • Travel and hotel discounts for 2013 inauguration ceremony
  • Trips for Students for 2013 inauguration ceremony
  • More Activities on Inauguration Day

Fancy Affair

After the inauguration, it's time for a feast fit for royalty. President Obama and Vice President Biden will head to an elaborate luncheon held inside the U.S. Capitol Building, where they will feast on offerings reflecting their home states of Hawaii and Pennsylvania (click here for a look at past menus and recipes). (Photo: Courtesy of US Senate)

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