Everything You Need to Know About NSA Snooping Scandal

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  • A Necessary Evil
  • Watching Big Brother Watching You
  • Tighter Reins
  • Housing Wanted
  • Two Degrees of Separation
  • Hands Off
  • By Committee
  • Hold the Phone
  • Whistleblower Revealed
  • What Exactly Is Verizon Collecting?
  • Who Approved the Order?
  • I'm a Verizon Customer. Am I Being Bugged?
  • What's the Point?
  • What Happens to the Records?
  • Bush Did it First
  • Are Verizon Customers the Only Ones Affected?
  • It Doesn't End There
  • "Reprehensible"
  • What Is the White House Saying?
  • What Does Congress Think?
  • Do All Lawmakers Share That View?
  • The Gray Lady Seethes
  • Can They Hear Me Now?

Tighter Reins

The president has called for the intelligence community to "institute reforms that place additional restrictions on [the] government's ability to retain, search and use in criminal cases, communications between Americans and foreign citizens."

(Photo: Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

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