Diary of a Government Shutdown

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  • What's Up, John Boehner?
  • Not Even an Inch
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  • Danger Ahead
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  • Party Down
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  • No Surrender
  • China Says: Get It Together
  • The Capitol Is Closed
  • He Started It
  • The War Within
  • The Fat Lady Sings
  • How Low Can They Go?
  • Cruel, Cruel World
  • Salmonella Strikes
  • Cruel, Cruel World
  • Pain, Pain, Pain
  • It's a Shame
  • Enough Already
  • Does That Sound Fair to You?
  • Clean Up Your Act

Not Even an Inch

Democrats are determined to stand their ground against any and all attempts to weaken the Affordable Care Act. It is in part because they don't want Republicans to think they can continuously make demands and the Democrats will concede. "With a bully, you cannot let them slap you around because today they slap you five or six times," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters. "Tomorrow it's seven or eight times. We are not going to be bullied."

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