Why They Run: Lisa Fritsch for Texas Governor

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  • What the Polls Are Saying
  • Fritsch vs. Davis
  • On Voting Rights
  • On Gun Control
  • On Affirmative Action in Higher Education
  • On Affordable Health Care
  • Meet Lisa Fritsch
  • Why She's a Republican
  • A Political Awakening
  • The Voice of Inclusion
  • Why First Bid Is for Governor
  • The Wendy Factor
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Fritsch vs. Frontrunner Abbott

On Voting Rights

Fritsch does not oppose asking voters to present a photo ID at the polls, and does not think that it should be a difficult process to obtain one or used to intimidate people from going to the polls. She also doesn't agree with efforts to shorten early voting periods and other policies that make it more difficult for people to vote. "Early voting is very important for getting out the vote and encouraging people to vote easily and conveniently," Fritsch said.

(Photo: REUTERS/Randall Hill)

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