Jesse Jackson vs. Ben Carson: Ferguson, Race and Being Black in America

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A State Execution

"[Michael Brown] was shot, shot unarmed, and shot six times. And it's a pattern, whether it was the killing of Trayvon Martin or the killing of (inaudible), the killing of Diallo in New York, shot 41 times, the police walked away free. The Oscar Grant case in Oakland or the case of Rodney King in L.A. At some point, we require and need to meet — we need to have a sense of justice. All we do know about Michael Brown is really he was shot unarmed six times," said Jackson. "And even in the worst scenario, if he had hit him in the face, does that require at a distance, I was there where he'd been shot, about 20 feet, does that mean you shoot him six times, four times at point-blank range? I don't think so."

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