Shaquille O’Neal Probed in Gang-Related Kidnapping and Robbery

Victim allegedly had videotape of O’Neal having sex with an unidentified woman.

Posted: 06/16/2011 07:45 PM EDT
Shaquille O’Neal

It appears the trouble has passed, but recently retired Shaquille O’Neal was questioned by Los Angeles police in connection with a gang-related kidnapping and robbery of a man who allegedly had a sex tape of the NBA star.

The kidnapping took place in 2008, but this is all just coming to light this week as seven members of the Main Street Crips stand trial for the kidnapping, robbery and beating of Robert Ross, according to an Associate Press story Thursday.

Ross, who reportedly had possession of a sex tape involving Shaq and an unidentified woman, has been testifying this week against the seven gang members. In the past, Ross has also indicated that Shaq had the assault arranged, according to AP.

But the L.A. police talked to Shaq, according to a story in the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, and the former Los Angeles Lakers center denied any involvement. Shaq hasn’t been charged and isn’t named in the complaint.

Still it sounds like there could be more to this as the trial unfolds and more pressure is applied on the LA police. Shaq had motivation to want Ross attacked. And according to police records, one of the gang members demanded that Ross turn over the sex tape and $100,000.

There is also evidence that the gang leader and Shaq’s business partner Mark Stevens exchanged several phone calls around the time of the attack in Feb. 2008, according to the AP story. But like Shaq, Stevens has also denied any involvement.

What might be craziest about this whole situation is prosecutors claim there is no evidence that a sex tape even exists.

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(Photo: AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)