White House Visit Doesn’t Hold Excitement for San Francisco Giants

The World Series Champions are grumbling about having to give up an off-day to be honored by President Obama.

Posted: 07/22/2011 12:56 PM EDT
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It has been a long-standing honor that winners of world title and national championships in sports get a chance to meet the president at the White House.


Well, apparently some members of the World Series Champions San Francisco Giants aren’t feeling so honored. In fact, they seem to be bothered by their upcoming visit Monday to meet with President Obama, writes Yahoo! Sports.


That is because the Giants will have to forgo an off-day and fly overnight to get to Washington, D.C, in order to meet with the president.

Originally, the meeting was supposed to take place in late April but the president was unavailable.


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(Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez-Pool/Getty Images)