NFL’s Chris Johnson Slaps “Dreads on a Stick” Makers With Lawsuit

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson says he had no part in the wig-like product, which boasts his name and likeness.

Posted: 11/06/2011 03:06 PM EST
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Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson found himself in a hairy situation when he learned a company used his name and famous hairstyle to sell a product called “Dreads on a Stick.”


Johnson claims he had no part in the venture and has fought back with a lawsuit, according to TMZ.

Two men allegedly sold “Dreads on a Stick" on a website and marketed it to fans who wanted to show their support for the NFL star.


"My lawyers on are on it. The site has already been shut down and I'm investigating to see if these guys made any money off of this deceptive scheme," Johnson told TMZ.


One of the men responded that Johnson’s claims of wrongdoing are false and that they have been involved with Johnson and his team for the past six months.