Allen Iverson Dodges Lawsuit Stemming From 2009 Bar Fight

Federal judge finds insufficient evidence that the former NBA All-Star slugged an Ohio man.


Posted: 11/16/2011 03:58 PM EST
Allen Inverson dodges lawsuit

Former NBA star Allen Iverson won’t be $42.5 million lighter in his wallet after a federal judge dismissed  a lawsuit against him stemming from a bar fight in Detroit in 2009.
U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Edmunds ruled there wasn’t enough evidence to establish that Iverson punched an Ohio man or that the person who punched him was associated with the former NBA most valuable player, who was then playing for the Detroit Pistons.
“He’s is very gratified and feels very vindicated,” attorney Michael Cafferty said of his client, according to the Detroit News.
Gregory Lattimer, the plaintiff’s lawyer, has now represented clients in at least three cases against Iverson, winning a $260,000 judgment against Iverson in federal court a few years ago.

Iverson blasted Lattimer during a deposition session for the 2009 bar fight incident.
“I die before I let you get me this time,” Iverson said in the deposition transcript, details of which were published by the Detroit News. “I’m as clean as the Board of Health, man.”

Iverson played in Turkey last season before he was sidelined with an injury. He is said to be seeking a comeback in the NBA — if the lockout ever ends.
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(Photo:  Ethan Miller/Getty Images)