David Stern Meets With NBA Owners as League Crisis Deepens

The NBA lockout enters its 141st day as the 2011–12 season evaporates.

Posted: 11/18/2011 01:35 PM EST
David Stern

The 29 NBA owners met on Thursday via a 20-minute conference call with commissioner David Stern to talk about the labor crisis and the lockout, a source told ESPN the Magazine’s Chris Broussard.

Apparently no new strategy was discussed and no further meetings were planned in what was described as purely an update call. It was initially thought the call would involve coming up with a counter plan after the players union turned down the owners’ latest offer of a 50-50 revenue split Monday, after which the players moved to disband the union in order to file lawsuits against the league.

Individual players, including Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant, filed two antitrust lawsuits in federal courts in California and Minnesota earlier this week.

The two sides still have time to negotiate before the litigation proceeds to trial. But with league games officially canceled through Dec. 15, and the lockout entering its 141st day on Friday, the prospects of salvaging even part of the season continue to dwindle.

"There's just not enough time," the source said to ESPN. "I imagine that another effort (at negotiating) will be made toward the end of December."

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(Photo: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)