NCAA Could Rescind $2,000 Stipend for Student-Athletes

Many colleges oppose the measure because of the expense.

Posted: 12/16/2011 12:11 PM EST
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David Berst

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The proposal to give student-athletes a $2,000 stipend beginning next year is being met with resistance from some NCAA member schools, so much so the measure could be overturned.


And if the opposing schools get enough votes we could have class division among teammates.


Incoming recruits for the 2012-13 who signed their national letters of intent in November with the understanding they would receive the stipend will likely receive the $2,000 while recruits who sign later would not, according to the Associated Press.


This could be a huge mess for the NCAA to deal with after NCAA president Mark Emmert proposed the stipend to help offset educational costs that the scholarship does not cover and was overwhelmingly backed by the major conferences. But schools that compete at the Division I-A of Football Championship Subdivision and non-football playing schools are not in favor of the stipend because of the extra cost associated with the measure.


Division-I vice president of governance David Berst said 97 schools have signed the override measure, which is more than the 75 needed for the NCAA board to reconsider the stipend. Should 125 schools sign on by Dec. 26, the legislation would be suspended, according to AP.


That would put the NCAA in the awkward situation of competing under two different systems next year.


"We would honor the agreements that have taken place," Berst said. "So even if you were to rescind the rule as of Dec. 26 and not operate under that rule in the future, we would honor those agreements. I think that causes the board to redouble its efforts at the January meeting."


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