Top 10 Worst Records in Sports History

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  • Worst Shooting Record in a Single Game, NBA
  • Most Defeats, Boxing
  • Most Losses in a Single Season, NFL
  • Most Technical Fouls (Career), NBA
  • Head Coach With Most Game Suspensions, NFL
  • Most Passes Intercepted (Career), NFL
  • Most Times Sacked (Career), NFL
  • Player With Longest Suspension, NBA
  • Most Penalties in a Single Game, NHL
  • Pitcher With Most Balks (Fake-Outs) in a Single Game, MLB

Worst Shooting Record in a Single Game, NBA

Often in the sports world, it's the big wins and terrific displays of athleticism that go down in the history books. But then there are the not-so-stellar performances that remind sports fans that in the end, it's just a game. Keep reading for a look at 10 of the worst records in sports history.Britt Middleton

Tim Hardaway (Golden State Warriors, 1991): 0-17

(Photo: Otto Greule /Allsport)

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