Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am The Wendy Williams Show NICK JONAS & NADIA G.
  • 09:11am Family Feud FAMILY
  • 09:48am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Clubba Hubba
    Will wants to go out on a date with a girl he met at the country club, but her father is extremely overprotective, dampening Will's chances. He asks for Carlton's help to change him just for his interview with her ...
  • 10:24am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Not With My Pig, You Don't
    Phil is going to receive an award. This causes his parents to come to town.
  • 11:00am Poetic Justice POETIC JUSTICE
    Pop superstar Janet Jackson makes her big-screen debut in this sensitive urban drama. Justice (Jackson) sacrifices her dream of attending college and becomes a cosmetologist after her boyfriend gets brutally murdered in South Central Los Angeles. To cope with her loss, Justice turns to writing poetry. Maya Angelou, who shows up in a small role, penned the verse for director John Singleton's absorbing film, which costars rapper Tupac Shakur.
  • 01:30pm Menace Ii Society MENACE II SOCIETY
    The Hughes brothers (Dead Presidents) made their stunning debut with this panoramic view of life and death in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts. Menace II Society follows "Caine" Lawson (Tyrin Turner) in the days after his high school graduation as he struggles to avoid the life of violence that consumes so many around him.
  • 04:00pm Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy
    Will's friend from Philly comes over to visit him, and the Banks don't like him. It gets even worse when he and Hilary fall for each other.
  • 04:30pm Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mistaken Identity
    Will and Carlton are driving Henry Furth's car to Palm Springs, until they get pulled over by a police officer. They're taken to a station for questioning, where Carlton completely...
  • 05:00pm Instant Mom Dances With She-Wolves
    Stephanie volunteers to help with the dance at James' school but turns out that the other mom's are not so nice, so Stephanie wants to stand up for herself.
  • 05:30pm Instant Mom In Blog We Trust
    Stephanie starts an online blog on how to be a good step-mom and after James and Aaron see it, they pose as other parents to get Stephanie to do fun things like give them ice cream...
  • 06:00pm The Real <THE REAL>
  • 07:00pm Janky Promoters JANKY PROMOTERS
    Russell Redds (Ice Cube) and "Jellyroll" (Mike Epps), two louche, inexperienced concert promoters from California, get their huge break when they book a famous rap star (Young Jeezy, playing himself) for a small concert hall. But the duo is unprepared for the never-ending series of complications that threatens to derail the event. Marcus Raboy (Friday After Next) directs this comedy written by Cube.
  • 09:30pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood ROLLING WITH MY ROOMIE
    As Regina Hall recovers at Kevin’s, her demands drive him crazy – but he goes wild when her BFF and star, Sanaa Lathan visits. Nick hires a PI (NFL & action film legend, Fred Williamson) for campaign opposition research, ...
  • 10:07pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood BAD SPORT
    With Nelly’s help, Bridgette has son, K.J. (Kevin, Jr.) play baseball—not basketball as Kevin wishes. Kevin vows to stop Nelly’s "side-daddying." Duane “shakes” Boris's spiritual message and church into a bare-chested, "BUTIFUL" ...
  • 10:45pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood A BLURRED 47 1/2 HOURS
    Kevin, George Lopez and Regina Hall are now shooting "47½ Hrs.,” but director John Singleton may replace a disruptive Kevin with comic rival, Mike Epps. Meanwhile, Kevin’s mocked by internet star, Spoken Reasons, only for K...
  • 11:22pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood DON'T VOTE FOR NICK
    Kevin disrupts Nick’s press conference with an anti-Nick rap, mistaken as anti-LGBT–made worse by Kevin’s explanations, despite Russell Simmons’ advice. But 'N Sync's Lance Bass has the last LGBT laugh. Meanwhile, Trina and...
  • 12:00am The Wendy Williams Show LOL W/ WHITNEY CUMMINGS & DR.GADGET
  • 01:00am The Real <THE REAL>
  • 02:00am The Queen Latifah Show TIM SNELL
  • 03:00am The Game THE BUSTED EPISODE <611>
    Tasha attempts to salvage her friendship with Pookie after it is revealed she has been cheating on him with Rick. Meanwhile, Jason and Chardonnay have it out over her involvement i...
  • 03:30am The Game I'M NOT KELLY PITTS <612>
    Chardonnay must hide her friendship with Tasha from Jason, while simultaneously dealing with the re-emergence of his football persona. Meanwhile, Keira reaches out to Blue, after t...