• TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015


Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (1)
    When the Banks go to the mall to prepare for their costume party, Will and Carlton struggle to find dates.
  • 08:39am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (2)
    A clip show - Will and Carlton are still trying to get a date before each other, when they both see this girl she has to decide. But she chooses Carlton, is she too good to be true?
  • 09:20am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Kiss My Butler
    Will sets Geoffrey up on a date-and falls for her himself.
  • 10:00am Soul Men SOUL MEN
    Two decades ago, Louis (Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd (Bernie Mac) went their separate ways when their band broke up. But when their group's former front man dies, the two feuding singers agree to put aside their differences for a tribute concert at the Apollo Theater. The show promises to be a big hit -- if Louis and Floyd don't kill each other first. Jennifer Coolidge and Sean Hayes co-star in this road comedy from director Malcolm D. Lee.
  • 12:30pm Who's Your Caddy? WHO'S YOUR CADDY?
    When a rap mogul from Atlanta tries to join a conservative country club in the Carolinas he runs into fierce opposition from the board President- but it's nothing that he and his entourage can't handle. Starring Big Boi, Faizon Love, Sherri Shepherd, and Finesse Mitchell.
  • 03:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood DON'T VOTE FOR NICK
    Kevin disrupts Nick’s press conference with an anti-Nick rap, mistaken as anti-LGBT–made worse by Kevin’s explanations, despite Russell Simmons’ advice. But 'N Sync's Lance Bass has the last LGBT laugh. Meanwhile, ...
  • 03:35pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood A BLURRED 47 1/2 HOURS
    Kevin, George Lopez and Regina Hall are now shooting "47½ Hrs.,” but director John Singleton may replace a disruptive Kevin with comic rival, Mike Epps. Meanwhile, Kevin’s mocked by internet star, Spoken Reasons, o...
  • 04:11pm Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Courting Disaster
    Will joins the basketball team at school, the same team Carlton's in, and immediately becomes the star player. Carlton starts feeling bad when he feels Phillip is paying more attention to Will than to him.
  • 04:48pm Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Talking Turkey
    Will's mom comes to visit the Banks residence. She gets annoyed when she finds out the children are spoiled, forcing her to take drastic action. Vivian later agrees to that, and makes them cook Thanksgiving dinner,...
  • 05:24pm Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Knowledge is Power
    Will gets grounded for a month because of Hilary so he plans to get her back. When he hears that Hilary dropped out of college he takes advantage which lead to hilarious results!
  • 06:00pm Keyshia Cole All In ON THE ROAD AGAIN
    In the middle of a long concert tour, Keyshia struggles to balance her son, her career, and a deteriorating marriage. Feeling lonely and stuck, she longs for the comfort of family, but doesn’t want the d...
  • 06:34pm Keyshia Cole All In BAD BLOOD
    At a concert in Atlanta, Keyshia reunites with Frankie, but won’t even look at Neffe. Meanwhile, Frankie and Elite have an explosive confrontation, and Frankie and Keyshia make a pinky-swear promise.
  • 07:08pm Keyshia Cole All In FOUR HANDFULS
    Angry and hurt, Keyshia and Neffe struggle to find common ground. Frankie and Elite come together, as promised, and Keyshia gives some deeply appreciated healing.
  • 07:42pm Keyshia Cole All In TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE?
    Before Keyshia leaves Atlanta, she and Neffe try one last time to save their relationship, but is it too late? Back home in LA, Keyshia and Daniel acknowledge the importance of spending family time with ...
  • 08:16pm Keyshia Cole All In SONS AND DAUGHTERS
    Families change and blend, as Marquisha prepares for motherhood, Frankie and Yvonne talk about grandmotherhood, and Keyshia honors her promise to make sure DJ’s father is a part of DJ’s life.
  • 08:51pm Keyshia Cole All In PARTY'S OVER
    After months of hard work and anticipation, Manny throws a party to celebrate the release of Keyshia’s new album. But celebrations never seem to last. All too soon, Keyshia has to deal with the impact o...
  • 09:25pm Keyshia Cole All In SECOND THOUGHTS
    As Keyshia and Daniel continue to work out what it means to “co-parent,” she begins to reconsider what a lot of things mean. What family means. Is it time to reconcile with her sister?
  • 10:00pm Keyshia Cole All In NEVER SAY NEVER
    Keyshia learned the hard way that relationships can die. Her marriage… Her bitter feud with Neffe… But can they ever come back to life? By reaching out to her sisters, and agr...
  • 10:30pm Keyshia Cole All In NEVER SAY NEVER
    Keyshia learned the hard way that relationships can die. Her marriage… Her bitter feud with Neffe… But can they ever come back to life? By reaching out to her sisters, and agr...
  • 11:00pm Being Mary Jane SIGNING OFF
    While Mary Jane moves into primetime position at SNC, just as Sheldon and MJ settle into their “relationship”, she receives mind-blowing news about David that shakes up her world. Though Sheldon is supportive, he does have a few dating rules that catch MJ by surprise. Meanwhile, the Patterson family gathers in celebration following Paul Jr.’s graduation from...
  • 12:00am The Wendy Williams Show <WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW>
  • 01:00am The Real <THE REAL>
  • 02:00am Janky Promoters JANKY PROMOTERS
    Russell Redds (Ice Cube) and "Jellyroll" (Mike Epps), two louche, inexperienced concert promoters from California, get their huge break when they book a famous rap star (Young Jeezy, playing himself) for a small concert hall. But the duo is unprepared for the never-ending series of complications that threatens to derail the event. Marcus Raboy (Friday After Next) directs this comedy written by Cube.
  • TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015