Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 06:00am Rod Parsley: Munsey Law Of Great Rod Parsley: Munsey Law Of Great
  • 06:30am Debra Morton Debra Morton
  • 07:00am Joseph Prince Joseph Prince
  • 07:30am Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Your Lifejoyce Meyer: Enjoying Your Life Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Your LifeJoyce Meyer: Enjoying Your Life
  • 08:00am Set It Off Set It Off
  • 11:18am Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Get Rich or Die Tryin'
    A tale of an inner city drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursue his passion, rap music.
  • 02:31pm Martin Your Arms Are too Short to Box with Martin
    Tommy's new girlfriend Shannon has an ex-lover that can't seem to let her alone. Eventually he and his gang of thugs confront Tommy and beat him up.
  • 03:05pm Martin Baby You Can Drive My Car
    Everybody pools together to get a raffle ticket from Roscoe the snot-nosed kid, and wind up winning a brand new SUV. They decide to share it, by assigning each of them to drive on a different day of the w...
  • 03:39pm Martin Variety Show
    Martin is chosen by his radio station manager to be the producer of a charity variety show for Aids. But in typical Martin Payne fashion, he lets the job go to his head.
  • 04:13pm Martin Checks, Lies, and Videotape
    Martin and Gina try to expose a crooked preacher, Reverend Leon Lonnie Love, as a fraud, after he cons thousands of dollars from his church members, including Mama Payne.
  • 04:47pm Soul Food Soul Food
    Big Mama's Sunday dinners have been a family cornerstone for years. But when she falls into a diabetic coma, the family's bond begins to fray. Starring Vanessa A. Williams, Vivica A. Fox, Nia Long, and Michael Beach.
  • 07:28pm Just Wright Just Wright
  • 10:00pm #thewestbrooks #Making the Brand
    The five Insta-famous WestBrooks sisters decide to throw a pool party to kick-off their brand. Meanwhile, youngest sister India is dogged by scandalous internet photos from a past fling....
  • 11:00pm Roomieloverfriends Stand Up For Your Man
    Just when love seems to be blooming for Jay and Tamiko, ghosts from her past are coming back to haunt her. And, a secret relationship is finally revealed.
  • 12:00am The Wendy Williams Show
  • 01:00am The Real
  • 02:00am The Wayans Bros. Ted's Revenge
    Shawn's got trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, thanks to his old enemy Ted, who seeks vengeance against him.
  • 02:30am The Wayans Bros. All in the Family Feud
    The Williams are chosen for a TV game show, but Pops and Shawn bring in a ringer - Dee - to replace Marlon. Fred Willard guest stars.
  • 03:00am The Wayans Bros. Raging Marlon
    Marlon inadvertently challenges a professional boxer to a fight. HECTOR "MACHO" CAMACHO guest stars.
  • 03:30am The Wayans Bros. The Son of Marlon
    Marlon surprises everyone when he proposes to a woman with a son.
  • 04:00am Uncommon Blessings Uncommon Blessings
  • 05:00am Danny Davis Danny Davis
  • 05:30am Peter Popoff Peter Popoff