Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 06:00am Martin Goin' Overboard Pt 2
    On a cruise, Martin must evade an aggressive woman. Pam wakes up in bed with Cole. BERNIE KOPELL, TED LANGE and JILL WHELAN guest star.
  • 06:30am Martin You Play Too Much
    Martin and the gang trade practical jokes until one prank gets out of control. Method Man guest stars as himself. Erik Estrada also guest stars.
  • 07:00am Martin Aint This About A Ditch
    With Gina out of town, Martin tries to have a little fun with the guys--until Gina's mother visits unexpectedly. TONE LOC guest stars as himself.
  • 07:30am Martin I, Martin, Take Thee...Pam?!
    On a return trip to the Bahamas, Martin realizes that his marriage certificate lists Pam as his wife. David Alan Grier gueststars.
  • 08:00am Martin Yours, Mine, and Ours
    When the small screen TV in the apartment needs replacing, Martin is enticed into buying a big-screen TV, and uses the money from Martin & Gina's combined checking account to purch...
  • 08:30am Martin I Don't Have the Heart
    Pam starts dating an older, wealthy man who eventually asks her to marry him.
  • 09:00am Martin Crunchy Drawers
    Martin dreams he is attracted to Pam.
  • 09:30am Martin No Love Lost
    Martin and Gina fight just before going to their engagement party, which Snoop Doggy Dogg has crashed.
  • 10:00am Martin The Hoedown in Motown
    Stan is getting busted by the IRS for 20 years worth of back taxes, so he must sell the radio station. The new owner takes over and turns it into a country & western station.
  • 10:30am Martin Martin On the Move
    Martin has quit his job at the new country radio station. He tries his had at working odd jobs to make money to make ends meet, but nothing seems to work out. Sad and depressed, he...
  • 11:00am Martin In Search of Martin
    Gina and her friends find Martin in a religious cult--and he refuses to leave.
  • 11:30am Martin Martin Returns
    Martin returns home to find that Gina has redecorated his apartment and intends to move in with him. Tommy and Pam are becoming interested in each other.
  • 12:00pm Martin I've Got Work To Do
    Gina and Pam live together and hate it. With Gina's encouragement, Martin searches and finds several jobs but quits all of them.
  • 12:30pm Martin Martin Gets Paid
    A TV station manager calls Martin for a job interview, which Gina surreptitiously set up for him.
  • 01:00pm Martin Break Up to Make Up
    Martin tries to get Gina to be his girlfriend again while Tommy and Cole encourage Martin to date other women.
  • 01:30pm Martin The Closer I Get To You
    Martin becomes the "Love Doctor" when he is asked to substitute on a TV talk show. But his advice creates some unexpected consequences for Tommy and Pam.
  • 02:00pm Martin Moving On In
    Martin and Gina move back in together, but there are too many belongings to fit.
  • 02:30pm Martin Momma's Baby, Martin's Maybe
    Martin's efforts to impress his future mother-in-law collapse when a child shows up claiming to be his long-lost son. Marcus T. Paulk guest stars.
  • 03:00pm Martin Whole Lotto Trouble
    Martin wins the lottery and goes on a spending spree.
  • 03:30pm Martin Get a Job
    Martin and Gina attempt to discover information about Tommy's mysterious job. Tracy Morgan guest stars.
  • 04:00pm Martin Feast or Famine
    On Thanksgiving, the women challenge the men to a cooking competition, with disastrous results. Singer MILLIE JACKSON guest stars.
  • 04:30pm Martin Lockin' Boots
    Gina is afraid to tell Martin that she can't drive her car because she has a lot of unpaid traffic tickets. But he exacts his own brand of punishment, anyway.
  • 05:00pm Martin Go Tell it on the Martin
    Martin's big Christmas TV show is almost ruined by a suicidal madman. BEBE and CECE WINANS sing Christmas carols.
  • 05:30pm Martin Xpress Yourself
    Gina is hired as a consultant on Martin's show--and major changes ensue.
  • 06:00pm Martin Sophisticated Ladies
    Gina and Pam struggle to transform themselves so they'll be accepted into an elite women's organization, but it's not what they think it is.
  • 06:30pm Martin Nuttin' Goin' on But the Rent
    Martin refuses to pay his rent in protest for bad service. Soon, he and Gina must live without heat and electricity.
  • 07:00pm Martin The Ex-Files
    Martin and Gina each go out to dinner with former flames in order to prove the past is past. Vivica A. Fox guest stars.
  • 07:30pm Martin All the Players Came
    Martin hosts a '70s contest. ANTONIO FARGAS, ISAAC HAYES, RUDY RAY MOORE, OUTKAST, COOLIO, PAM GRIER and others guests star as themselves.
  • 08:00pm Martin Best and Bester
    Cole and Tommy compete to determine who will be Martin's best man at his wedding.
  • 08:30pm Martin High Noon
    Martin is pursued by an ex-convict (GARY COLEMAN) he helped imprison.
  • 09:00pm Martin Mother of the Bride
    Martin hires a cut-rate wedding planner to compete with his mother-in-law's lavish choice. Tracy Morgan and Kellita Smith guest star.
  • 09:30pm Martin C.R.E.A.M.
    Martin and Gina open a restaurant and business is great--until some unexpected disasters occur. GARRETT MORRIS and HAMMER guest star.
  • 10:00pm Martin Girlfriend
    Gina's old friend, Monique, annoys everybody until Martin finds a way to expose Monique's insincerity.
  • 10:30pm Martin The Romantic Weekend
    Gina and Martin end up in the same island resort as Tommy and Pam. Each couple competes to have more fun.
  • 11:00pm Martin The Bachelor Party
    Martin and Gina worry at their bachelor parties, and imagine what life will be like in five years. Yo-Yo guest stars.
  • 11:30pm Martin The Wedding Bell Blues
    Exasperated with their bickering friends and feuding relatives, Martin and Gina sneak away on the night before their wedding.
  • 12:00am Martin Love is a Beach
    Martin and Gina escape the pandemonium at home and finally have the perfect wedding ceremony. Music sensation BABYFACE (himself) performs.
  • 12:30am Martin Martin In The Corner Pocket
    The honeymoon is over for Gina when Martin stays out one night, playing pool and getting hustled until he loses even the clothes off his back.
  • 01:00am Martin Kill Him With Kindness
    Martin thinks Gina wants to kill him for life insurance money.
  • 01:30am Martin Blow, Baby, Blow
    When music producer BIGGIE SMALLS, aka THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. (himself), comes to town, everybody wants to be a star.
  • 02:00am Martin Ring A Ding, Ding, Ding, Gone
    Martin takes off his wedding ring when his pals complain it scares off women, but he's the frightened one when he has to explain its loss to Gina.
  • 02:30am Martin Love T.K.O.
    Martin and Gina's romantic weekend gets interrupted by everyone else's love woes. Tommy and Pam try living together.
  • 03:00am Martin He Say, She Say
    Cole meets a special woman with a big secret.
  • 03:30am Martin Uptown Friday Night
    After picking up Gina's prized earrings from the jeweler, Tommy, Cole and Jerome get robbed. Rappers SALT-N-PEPA guest star.
  • 04:00am Martin Power To The Peoples Court
    Tommy represents himself when Sheneneh sues him, unaware she's hired legal superstar Ronnie Cochran.
  • 04:30am Martin Auction
    After giving Pam an annoying cuckoo clock, Martin finds out that it's a valuable antique.
  • 05:00am Martin Daddy Dearest
    Tommy's ex-Marine dad visits, and Martin makes a bad business decision when he invests in Nipsey's as a silent partner.
  • 05:30am Martin Over Flew Over The Hoochies Nest
    Pam's identical-looking cousin escapes from an insane asylum and takes over Pam's life.