• TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 12:05am Wendy Williams Wendy Williams
  • 01:05am Bet Star Cinema LINEWATCH
    A border patrol officer is forced to leave his post in New Mexico and revisit his murky past as a Los Angeles gangbanger when his nephew makes an enemy out of his former gang leader. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Evan Ross (son of legendary songstress Diana Ross) co-star in this gritty action-thriller that was filmed on location on the Mexico border and takes its inspiration straight from the headlines. Kevin Bray directs.
  • 03:30am Comicview: One Mic Stand TONY WOODS; BIG ROME
  • 08:00am Moesha IT TAKES TWO
    Kim's mother Nikki, with the help of Dee decides to complete her high school diploma an oppotunity she missed due to her pregnancy with Kim. Nikki manages to complete her diploma a...
  • 08:30am Moesha THE PROM
    Musical guest: Silk It's prom time, but just hours before Moesha's date pulls out due to an injury. She decides to go anyway as she has been waiting for so long. Her friends all ha...
  • 09:00am The Parkers TEACH ME TONIGHT
    Kim is on academic probation and hires a tutor for help with her studies. When she learns that her tutor is her former speed-dating partner Alan, she tries to woo the disinterested...
  • 09:30am The Parkers THE MOURNING AFTER
    Following an evening of drowning his sorrows after losing his job, Professor Oglevee awakes from a drunken slumber mortified due to his one-night stand with Nikki. A month later, N...
  • 10:00am Family Matters LIKE A VIRGIN
    Eddie is humiliated when his friends learn that he is still a virgin.
  • 10:30am Family Matters GOOD COP, BAD COP
    Eddie is harassed by police officers while driving through a white neighborhood.
  • 11:00am Bet Star Cinema CADILLAC RECORDS
    The sounds of 1950s Chicago spring to life in this musical drama based on the true story of Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody), a bar owner turned record mogul who signs a lineup of future legends to his fledgling label, Chess Records. He eventually crosses paths with the likes of Muddy Waters (Jeffrey Wright), Chuck Berry (Mos Def) and Etta James (Beyoncé Knowles), changing the face of popular music forever.
  • 01:30pm The Parkers SHE'S HYSTERICAL
    With the reluctant Professor ready to marry the "expectant" Nikki, news breaks that Nikki really isn't carrying Professor Ogelvee's baby like she thought. Will she go through with ...
  • 02:00pm The Parkers HIGH HEELS AND VIDEOTAPE
    After Nikki and her video camera witness the school's dean in a compromising position, she persuades him to give Professor Oglevee back his old teaching position. Meanwhile, Kim pr...
  • 02:30pm Family Matters PRESUMED URKEL
    Laura defends classmate Steve in a student trial when he is accused of blowing up the science laboratory.
  • 03:00pm Family Matters FATHER OF THE BRIDE
    Carl (REGINALD VelJOHNSON) dreams that his daughter, Laura (KELLIE SHANYGNE WILLIAMS), marries Steve (JALEEL WHITE).
  • 03:30pm Bet Star Cinema CIVIL BRAND
    Women prisoners strike up a friendship with a young law student who works as a part-time prison guard. Together they discover that a corporation funds and is profitting from the plantation-like work environment they are forced to work under. In a botched attempt to organize a protest against their "slave labor", the women take over the prison - A rare glimpse of the effects of the prison industrial complex on female inmates.
  • 06:00pm 106 & Park <106 & PARK>
  • 07:30pm Bet Star Cinema BEAUTY SHOP
    Gina has moved to Atlanta and is working in beauty shop run by the stuck up boss Jorge. Although she mostly enjoys working at Jorge's, Gina's real dream is own her own beauty shop. One day, after Jorge insults her and takes credit for her work, Gina quits the salon and opens up her own beauty shop with her friend and ex workmate from Jorge's Lynn. Gina's beauty shop becomes well known as a place to get great hair and speak your mind. However when Gina's shop starts taking Jorge's clients, he's out for revenge. But Jorge underestimates the power that Gina and her fellow co workers have.
  • 09:30pm Bet Star Cinema DELIVER US FROM EVA
    Gary Hardwick wrote and directed this romantic comedy in which three young men pay a "player" named Ray (LL Cool J) to romance Eva (Gabrielle Union) -- the gorgeous and single but intolerably meddling little sister of their girlfriends. But no one expected Ray and Eva to fall in love for real -- and when they do, they get more than they bargained for! Also starring Meagan Good, Essence Atkins, Duane Martin, Mel Jackson.
  • TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013