• MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014


Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am My Wife And Kids JURY DUTY
    Michael and Jay are asked to serve jury duty together. Michael's elected foreman and wants to move on the trial quickly so he can get home to watch the Godfather marathon on TV. Bu...
  • 08:30am My Wife And Kids HERE COME DA JUDGE
    When Jr and Claire find a lost wallet containing $500, it's time for a session of ";family court"; to decide who gets the money which ends up getting brought to the police departme...
  • 09:00am Barbershop BARBERSHOP
    A day in the life of a barbershop on the south side of Chicago. Calvin, who inherited the struggling business from his deceased father, views the shop as nothing but a burden and waste of his time. After selling the shop to a local loan shark, Calvin slowly begins to see his father's vision and legacy and struggles with the notion that he just sold it out. The barbershop is filled with characters who share their stories, jokes, trials and tribulations. In the shop we find Eddie, an old barber with strong opinions and no customers. Jimmy is a highly educated barber with a superiority complex who can't stand Isaac, the new, white barber who just wants a shot at cutting some hair. Ricky is an ex-con with two strikes against him and is desperately trying to stay straight. Terri is a hard-edged woman who can't seem to leave her two-timing boyfriend. And lastly there's Dinka, a fellow barber w...
  • 11:30am Are We There Yet? ARE WE THERE YET?
    The fledgling romance between Nick, a playboy bachelor, and Suzanne, a divorced mother of two, is threatened by a particularly harrowing New Year's Eve. When Suzanne's work keeps her in Vancouver for the holiday, Nick offers to bring her kids to the city from Portland, Oregon. The kids, who have never liked any of the men their mom has dated, are determined to turn the trip into a nightmare for Nick Starring Ice Cube and Nia Long.
  • 02:00pm Jumping The Broom JUMPING THE BROOM
    It's a comedic clash of African American cultures when the hoity-toity clan of bride Sabrina Watson and the proudly blue-collar family of groom Jason Taylor gather on Martha's Vineyard to celebrate the couple's nuptials.
  • 05:00pm Just Keke JUST KEKE
  • 06:00pm 106 & Park <106 & PARK>
  • 07:00pm Stomp The Yard STOMP THE YARD
    Landing in jail after his involvement in a shooting that took his brother's life, gifted street dancer DJ Williams (Columbus Short) agrees to enroll at Truth University -- a black college in Atlanta -- to avoid juvenile hall. As he struggles to adjust to his new world, he finds himself falling for the dean's daughter (Meagan Good). Meanwhile, two fraternities, convinced that DJ's moves can help win a national stepping contest, try to recruit him.
  • 09:30pm Honey HONEY
    Honey (Jessica Alba), a tough, sexy dancer from the inner city, becomes a successful music video choreographer, but her career is threatened when her mentor blackmails her into the following choice: either sleep with him ... or be blackballed. Honey ultimately decides to pursue her lifelong dream of opening her own dance studio for inner-city youths. Mekhi Phifer and Lil' Romeo co-star.
  • 11:30pm The Game THE JERSEY EPISODE PART 2 <702>
    Jason confronts his former steroid provider after a reporter implies knowledge of his performance enhancement drug use. A drunk Keira makes a scene that results in Blue's incarcer...
  • 12:00am The Wendy Williams Show BIRTHDAY WEEK KICKOFF!
    Wendy's counting down to her 50th birthday celebration with an hour of Hot Topics!
  • 01:00am Let's Stay Together SINGLE BLACK STACY
    Stacy takes on a new protégé, Sharon, who Charles believes is far too interested in Stacy’s personal life. Kita helps Jamal and Tasha search for a new nanny for the twins, but both...
  • 01:30am Let's Stay Together EACH ONE, TEACH ONE
    Jamal and Charles become big brothers to two boys Wesley and Yaphet, who attend their church. Tasha’s frustration over Kita dating Troy comes to a head and Stacy tries to keep the ...
  • 02:00am Let's Stay Together THE OTHER DOCTOR
    When Dr. Riley moves into Stacy’s office building, Stacy begins to lose patients - including Tasha’s twins. Charles tries to bring Jamal out of his career funk. When Kita finds out...
  • 02:30am Let's Stay Together BUYER BEWARE
    Stacy buys the building where her office is located, but struggles to adjust to her new role as landlord - especially when dealing with her demanding tenant, Dr. Riley. Charles an...
    Taye Diggs pulls a hilarious stunt to help Queen make her first viral video. Ramon Rodriguez ("The Wire" / "Gang Related") on his former life as a pro Salsa dancer. Plus, shopping mall secrets you won't believe – and it involves finding your next outfit in the teen section.
  • MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014