• FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014


Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am Family Matters OPPOSITES ATTRACT
    Laura clashes with an overeager reporter at the school newspaper--but then realizes her attraction to him. Steve suffers from a severe attack of the hiccups after he is robbed in ...
  • 08:30am Family Matters A CAMPING WE WILL GO
    Carl, Eddie and Waldo's camping trip is disrupted when Steve arrives. Steve becomes even more annoying when he warns them about dangers at their campsite--all of which prove to be...
  • 09:00am In The Hive IN THE HIVE
    Sixteen-year-old Xtra Keys lives by a few simple rules, all rooted in a world of brazen, retaliatory violence. His very survival depends on his ability to be brick-hard, emotionless and impenetrable with everyone. Only his infant son is excluded from the hard-shell persona. Xtra hopes to raise his son better than his boozy, razor-edged mother raised him and his younger siblings. Xtra just might get his wish when hes thrust into the world of the HIVE, an unorthodox alternative school full of other discarded boys - boys - boys who, because of their disciplinary issues and substandard grade levels, have been kicked out or abandoned by every school in this Southern rural county. Starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Loretta Devine and Vivica A. Fox
  • 12:00pm Battlefield America BATTLEFIELD AMERICA
    A young businessman who lands a community service sentence falls in with a group of misfit kids who need mentoring. With the help of a pro instructor, he works to get the kids ready for a big underground dance competition. Starring Marques Houston, Mekia Cox and Lynn Whitfield.
  • 02:30pm B.A.P.S. B.A.P.S.
    Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle star as two "Black American Princesses" -- or B.A.P.S. for short -- who are Hollywood-bound and determined to star in a music video. Instead, they're roped into a scam concocted by the nephew of the video's director, who wants one of them to pose as the granddaughter of a woman his rich boss once loved.
  • 05:00pm Moesha NETCAM
    Alicia hides an Internet camera in Moesha and Niecy's bedroom for profit; invading their privacy and showcasing them to the entire world. After Moesha receives a gift from Japan se...
  • 05:30pm Moesha LIVING IN PARADISE
    Moesha can't stand the nasty and rude habits of her suite mates Niecy, Alicia and Brenda. So she tries to organize a meeting to establish "the rules," but a nearby appearance by th...
  • 06:00pm 106 & Park <106 & PARK>
  • 07:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood ROCK PAPER, STEALERS
    Comic superstar guest Chris Rock, along with Kevin, JB, and Anthony Anderson wreak havoc up and down Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Strip. But just who gets thrown a bone, and who will...
  • 07:30pm Big Mommma's House BIG MOMMMA'S HOUSE
    To make a key arrest, FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) disguises himself as the outsized mother of an escaped convict's ex-girlfriend (Nia Long). From playing sweet to delivering a baby, the feats Turner must pull off to convince everyone he's the real deal are anything but, uh, a drag! But Turner must crack the case soon or risk blowing his cover and his chances with a beautiful lady.
  • 10:00pm Scandal <SCANDAL>
  • 11:00pm Scandal THE FLUFFER
    Abby steps in as Olivia’s proxy and takes on duties at the White House. Meanwhile, the team continues to investigate B613, and someone throws a wrench in Reston’s presidential campaign.
    Wendy’s back with all new shows and juicy, juicy Hot Topics! Plus, Tichina Arnold tells us about starring in the new lifetime movie, “A Day Late and a Dollar Short.” Then, Glamour magazine’s Rajni Jacques reveals the latest spring fashion trends! And celebrity blogger Micah Jesse gives us the inside scoop on the latest Hot Topics!
  • 02:00am The Cookout 2 The COOKOUT 2
    Suspended pro-basketball player star Todd Anderson (played by Quran “Storm” Pender) plays the game of his life to rescue his family. When he appears on “The Wendy Williams Show” to set the record straight about being wrongly kicked out of the league, Todd gets the shock of his life when Wendy bombards him with stories of outrageous baby mama drama, fabricated scandals and crazed fans. Starring: Big Boi, Craig Bonaventura, Rich Boy
  • FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014